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[NEW SEASON]: 10 must-see 'GAME OF THRONES’ episodes before the season 8 premiere

WARNING: Lots of spoilers ahead, but you probably guessed that.

We’re hours away from the premiere of the “Game of Thrones'” final season. The last six episodes of the HBO series are among TV’s most-talked-about events — many who’ve never even watched before will tune in to see the cultural milestone come to a close.

Binge-watching would be the best way to get up to speed on what’s been happening, but it’ll be tough to squeeze in 70 hours of TV ahead of the April 14 premiere.


[NEW ARTICLE]: Trust Your Life More

Trust that there is a reason why everything that happens in your life. 
We learn this by shifting our vibration seeing things more positively.
Find it in your heart where you can be peaceful because collective is evolving towards heaven on Earth. Following our dreams to get in tune with this thing we call life. Life purpose. 

[NEW ARTICLE]: Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Suzze C is the creator of SuzzorLose. She is a conscious being that aims to use her writing to heal and inspire others. She is also pursuing a career in Selfcare, Evolution, Love, Peace, Health. To assist do the same. 

Please join this self health artist in the pursuits of creating heaven on Earth in 5D - a greater life experience for the collective conscious in pursuing their overall health Mind, Body and Soul.


[New Earth]: The World According to Russell Brand (Awoke)

Russell Brand: Awakened Man
Speaks on how society must understand and come together with Love.
We express it within ourselves and express it, all else will be fine.
Check out the video below and listen to how we can dissect a better world. It starts with you!