It is a beautiful journey. As we have heard time and time again; FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU!!!! As we get older, telling somebody "I forgive you" can serve as an olive branch. We also learn that not forgiving someone is like drenching yourself in gas and lighting a match... Hoping the other catches on fire".

The best mantra we can live up to are the words we put out into the universe.
Once again, you too can forgive yourself and receive another kind of fulfillment as if you also conquered your "confidence" (it all goes hand in hand).

Affirm: Acknowledge that Harboring resentment blocks the flow of love. 

The beauty of love is so deserving to any living thing on this planet. Love is ultimately the truest goal a human can attain and desire for, aside from animals that are born to serve, protect, and EVOLve through unconditional love. 

As we meet with this awakening, it becomes a break-through towards mental clarity and spiritual growth with inner-strength.

I hope my people finds this article to bring happiness and smiles because forgiveness shouldn't be anything to avoid but to embrace with the conscious positive energy.

May we focus on self-love, healing past wounds, revealing a light on peaceful communication, and harmony in your surroundings.
Everything is Energy & Energy is Everything.

Forgiveness is a Kind of Magic - that can change lives. - Suzz C. out. Be Blessed.