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Zombies are, in relation to us, in the same predicament that most of us are in relation to those who report back to us their experiences of what is sometimes called super-consciousness. People in this expanded consciousness state or process seem indeed to understand each other fairly well, even though what they communicate may sometimes seem ineffable to those in ordinary, zombie-like constricted and distorted consciousness.

In this article there are vital points made:

For several years now we have been bombarded with TV shows and movies focusing on some sort of apocalyptic future or present. Just creative movie magic right? or is there more to consider? Certainly the prospect of the dead coming back to life and wreaking havoc across the planet is quite unlikely to say the least, but perhaps there is a deeper lesson to be learned here. What if the current zombie craze is a subconscious acknowledgement of the state of our society? Can we use this current pop culture fad as an opportunity to examine the way we live as a country?

Since humans first started expressing themselves through art and music, thousands of years ago, these mediums have shaped the way people think and behave. The advent of film and later TV in the last hundred years has increased that influence exponentially. For instance, movies have been used to persuade generations of young men to join the military and go to war. Musicians and movie stars have always had a direct effect on fashion so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, society itself has always influenced the arts. Social injustice, pain and suffering, political issues and the like have all been driving forces behind some of the most meaningful creative works in history. So just as it can be said that life imitates art, so too does art imitate life.

So let us pause for a moment and with an open and honest mind, compare ourselves to the zombies. How many in our society go mindlessly through our day?. How many follow the crowd, whether its is the result of outside pressures, or internal insecurity.?Afraid to be outcasted we stick to the crowd. In this manner we stumble along with the heard, without true sense of self.

It doesn't take much reflection to realize how greedy we have become. Watch news footage of shoppers on black Friday, is it going to far too draw a modest parallel to the scenes of swarms of zombies clawing at each other to get at a piece of flesh? Have we not witnessed humans who seem as vile and rotten on the inside as these creatures are on the outside?

All this being said, it is also curious to note that while we humans harm each other on a daily basis, the flesh eaters for the most part do not. Perhaps evidence of the natural, unconscious calling in us all to be as one with each other. Imagine us not meandering on in a thoughtless mob, but as a family of individuals, independent in our expressions, but united in the common goal of peace and prosperity. At times this idea may seem more unrealistic than a zombie apocalypse, but it is not. It is our true natural calling, and our eventual future. Whether it takes a few lifetimes, or a few millennium is up to us.

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