Tuesday, September 1, 2015


You are my brother. This creates WE
You are my sister. This creates WE
WE are children of the light.
WE is a powerful concept. The surest road to bettering oneself is through self reflection. To honestly look at our lives and decisions. So it can be said that we must grow on our own... Alone.
This may be true on a personal level, but in the big picture only the power of WE can better the world. We as human beings share an unspoken, inherent knowledge of right and wrong. Our society has done a good job of "dumbing down" this internal truth. Keeping us focused on our differences, they have cast a shadow over our oneness.They have not however, extinguished the flame. At least not yet.WE each must stoke the ember of universal energy that lays inside us all. Know that as it burns brighter and hotter, our abilities and virtues grow stronger. WE ignite with the loving warmth of creation. As our individual lights grow brighter they begin to coalesce into one all illuminating glow, as WE reflect our loving creator. Our future as a species of course unwritten. In the ying and yang of existence, tomorrow is all at once destined yet undetermined. Infinite paths lay ahead of us, which one will WE choose. To step out of the darkness together, into the light, or to remain hidden in the shadows of fear, and ignorance. You-WE

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