Monday, April 6, 2015


Rihanna is known for being an outspoken pop star, but not necessarily about politics (though she did just call out Indiana’s now-amended religious freedom law during a recent concert). That perception of the Barbados-born singer might change, however, once fans get a look at the video for new track “American Oxygen”. Rihanna's music video for "American Oxygen" is a highlight reel of sorts, featuring highs and lows of U.S. history from Barack Obama's presidential inauguration to the Sept. 11 attacks, Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination and police brutality and riots.

Intended to be an exclusive for Tidal, the new streaming service she owns a stake in, the “American Oxygen” clip has since leaked onto the Internet for non-subscribers to see. Though the song’s lyrics didn’t seem particularly critical of the American dream when the full track surfaced this weekend, the accompanying video which features archival footage of civil rights marches, Ferguson protests, the 9/11 attacks and immigrants entering the country challenges readings of the song as a pure ode to the land of opportunity.

Clearly, Rihanna’s feelings about the U.S. are like reviews of her latest material: quite mixed.

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