Monday, April 6, 2015


Cultural awareness becomes central when we have to interact with people from other cultures of the world. People see, interpret and evaluate things in many different ways. What is considered an appropriate behavior in one culture is frequently inappropriate in another. Misunderstandings arise when meanings to make sense of our reality. Check below and read on how our society has influenced our culture over time.
As Americans we have become a custom to a certain quality of life. One that is mere fantasy to most of the world. How much is that lifestyle worth to you? Is it worth sacrificing a small portion of your time and attention? Is it worth pulling yourself away from social media or reality T.V. for an hour or so? Our country like the rest of the planet is reaching a crossroads. A tipping point, or as some of us see it an opportunity. 
 A chance for the type of change which hasn't been seen here at home since the civil rights movement of the late 60's. Thanks to social media injustices, and abuse by authority no longer remain hidden from society. The gap between rich n poor seems to be growing exponentially. Around the world we see atrocities at the hands of religious extremists and vile dictators. People like you and I being crushed under the boot of empires. We are left feeling powerless, and retreat to the comforts and distractions we surround ourselves with. However, consider for a moment that we are not helpless. We can make a difference. We can bring about change. All that is necessary is positive intent, and action.

It is indeed time for action. We must stand together as one global nation. One planetary family. We must awake from our slumber and join hands through those same outlets we currently use to distract ourselves from the horrors. Our president is attempting to calm the tensions between the western and arab worlds. To reach a peaceful deal with Iran. Ensuring them the right to strengthen their nation and create a balance of power that may actually lead to a semblance of peace in the middle east. The war hawks of the U.S. and Israel are dead set against this happening. They are on a mission to stoke the fires of fear and hatred that will inevitably lead to suffering on a scale never before seen.

The president is ready to put in place a deal that would keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon while allowing them to modernize their nation. However let us speculate on our "worst fear". That Iran was to get a nuke. They would simply become subject to the same rule of mutual destruction that the U.S and Russia , along with other nuclear nations have dealt with for decades. To launch on another nation only insures your own destruction. The other concern is what if the technology was to fall into the hands of a terrorist group. Well if one of these groups were to use the weapon on lets say Israel, Iran would instantly be considered responsible, and then destroyed. It would seem in the best interest of the Iranians to keep their nuclear material VERY secure.

The point of these hypotheticals is simply this, in a worldful of tension and mistrust, the only answer is to remain calm and sensible. We must make rational decisions, based on good intention and thorough contemplation of the cause and effect of our actions. Hate, anger and violence can only create more of the same.

For millennial we have lived the rule of an eye for an eye. We must be the strongest and crush those who disagree with us. This method has not worked very well. The rich and powerful have grown stronger and wealthier, while the majority of humanity has become weaker, poorer, and sicker. We must come together with love in our hearts , and peace on our minds. I speak to those of us who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see, it is our responsibility to reach out to those around us. To educate those who don't know, to wake those who are asleep. We are on the precipice of world wide change, of revolution. A chance at a true utopia, maybe not for our children, but at least for our grandchildren. The changes will come, even the most powerful cannot stop evolution, however we can effect how quickly it comes, and how peaceful the transition.

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