Monday, February 9, 2015


An "awkward" encounter with ex-girlfriend Rihanna following President Obama's emotional domestic violence PSA during Sunday evening's Grammy Awards (February 8) would've been humiliating for Chris Brown. But apparently, things got even more intense at an after-party hosted by fellow rapper Meek Mill later on that same night.

Several "insiders" claim that Breezy was approached by a hostile crew of gun-totting criminals. The "Loyal" crooner and his friends supposedly "ran for their lives," because the unidentified aggressors were about to shoot. Thankfully the violence didn't escalate and the 25-year-old hip-hop superstar escaped with "minimal" harm. However, he was physically attacked and punched the face multiple times.

Again, these seedy rumors remain unconfirmed.

But MTO insists that Brown remains in hot water. Apparently, he owes a "big time" gang leader in LA lots of cash. The group extorted the troubled singer for years before Breezy stopped paying. And now, his life is in danger.

Of course, details are still developing, but here's the current "proof" on Twitter:

@DDotOmen: "Chris brown got chased out of meek mill party, saw the n*gga hop over a fence. Mustard got in a fight too."

@DDotOmen: "Someone (I didn't see the gun) pulled a gun out and wanted to pop off at chris brown. I saw the commotion."

@DDotOmen: "Dream chaser ice sculpture even caught the fade smh."

@DDotOmen: "Chris Brown almost got Stomp The Yard-ed bro."

@DDotOmen: "I was standing next to DJ Paul when he came outside of the party he definitely said 'all ya'll pushing to get in didn't buy Meek record' lol."

@DDotOmen: "RT @SRDtv The ways to get out were so blocked, Breezy and his ppl has to hop the fence to get out lmao that house party was crazy."

Meanwhile, Brown remains mum on Instagram. So stay tuned as more info surrounding this bizarre story develop...

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