Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Your Minajesty’s reign is still in full force. Just a month after shining on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue and in the pages of GQ, Queen Nicki will be owning newsstands again this winter with her V Magazine cover. As if to make up for her understated past couple of shoots, Nicki is full-on glamazon this time around.

On the cover, she goes for a femme fatale look that could single-handedly revive Guess’ street cool. Minaj poses next to a statue in a fairytale backyard that looks like it belongs to a Parisian manor and, to get into the spirit, she goes full-on French New Wave with a matching beret from The Way We Wore, gloves by Carolina Amato, and red pumps by Jimmy Choo.

Minaj really sells gloves as a warm weather accessory inside the spread too, where she wears a pair of quilted ones by Jane Carr, another beret (this time by Eugenia Kim), and a banging one-strap dress by Anthony Vacarello. If anyone could convince me to wear a beret and gloves in mini-dress weather, it’s Nicki.

But the wildest (heh) moment from this shoot has to be Nicki’s leopard moment. She’s known for her roar in rap verses, but putting her in leopard attire and a cat-like pose? So brilliant it gives me déjà vu. Seriously, it’s so good I can’t believe we haven’t seen Nicki in this exact styling and pose before. In case you have an editorial-sized wardrobe budget and want to replicate Nicki’s fierce look at home, she’s wearing a dress from Balmain’s most recent spring collection, Manolo Blahnik shoes, gloves by Agnelle, and a spotted Eugenia Kim hat with ears.

In a more subdued stylistic moment, but no less eye-popping, Minaj also posts up next to a column in a bodysuit by Donna Karan, Charlotte Olympia pumps, a Balmain belt, and yet another vintage hat from The Way We Wore. Is Minaj the only person on earth who could make a turtleneck and tiny hats sexy? I’m going with yes.

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