Monday, November 24, 2014


After her two new songs leaked online last week, Beyonce premieres the official video for "7/11". Queen Bey decides to come through and premiere the official video to the new song.

In the playful video, Beyonce and then takes the dance party to the bathroom and hallway of her Beverly Hills hotel suite. Before moving the party and fun inside to the bathroom and messy bedroom where she even teases us with a twerk or two. She spins in a chair waving her hands in the air.

She rolls dice on her dancer’s booty and flexes while getting her hair blown, and 'droppin that alcohol'. The surprises don’t stop there. ‘YoncĂ© gets into the holiday spirit, popping out of a box in front of a Christmas tree, and even makes a phone call on her foot!

Dances with friends in a hallway. Quasi-meditating in her epic state, adorned in WXYZ Jewelry. It’s pretty sick! And of course only the bey-queen would think to turn a visor upside down to resemble a gilded papal crown.

Now who doesn't wanna see Beyonce in her underwear shake her butt?

Check it out below, and be sure to cop the re-release of Beyonce when it drops this Monday, 24th.

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