Friday, November 7, 2014


A well-placed insider told exclusively that Beyonce and Jay Z, 33 and 44, are undergoing a major overhaul of their relationship, which began with them renewing their vows and relocating to Europe. The next item on their agenda? A brother or sister for Blue Ivy!

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted sitting courtside at the Brooklyn Nets basketball game. The two seemed to have an awkward conversation that included Beyonce swaying back and forth despite there being no music. By the the looks of how Beyonce is swindling back and forth it can only be that A) she is tired B) She is pissed off and trying to maintain composure C) She's on some kind of drug ("benadryl") which can be drowsing, in New York that the weather is changing to cold temperatures, she must be coming down with something. Lets keep it optimistic. I choose B). What to you guys think?!

Chime in below.

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