Sunday, October 19, 2014


Can the New York Giants rebound from last Sunday's devastating 27-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles with an improbable victory this Sunday in Arlington, Texas over the Dallas Cowboys.

There certainly aren't any logical reasons for picking the Giants to win this week against the Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys' average time of possession is 33:51 third best in the league, so they do an excellent job of keeping the opposing offense off the field. Because the Giants offense operates best in rhythm, this is a major red flag, especially for an offense now playing without its best wide receiver (Victor Cruz) and its best running back (Rashad Jennings). It's always close with the Cowboys, but right now Dallas simply has more good players, especially on offense. And while it's not crazy to forecast a Cowboys letdown after their massive victory in Seattle last week, they're the better team and are playing at home.

Yet SOMEBODY has to pick the Giants to win in a game they really have to have if they are realistically going to contend for a playoff spot in the NFC. We'll just gave to watch and see.

The Giants haven't beaten a good team at full strength (meaning with their No. 1 quarterback healthy) since a Week 12 victory over the Green Bay Packers during the 2012 season. Like it or not, the Cowboys are a good team. And Tony Romo is playing. So are DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant.

Maybe the Giants aren't as good as they looked during their three-game winning streak. There is no, way, however, they are as bad as they looked against the Eagles. I can't believe, either, that the Cowboys are as good as they have looked. Flying high after beating the Seahawks on the road and carrying a league-best five-game winning streak, the Giants might be able to catch the Cowboys feeling just a little too good about themselves. And they are 4-1 in the Jerry Dome.

Enjoy the game!

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