Monday, October 20, 2014


Lucy Fictional only in the 3rd dimension, and whats not to like about Morgan Freeman's voice? Every human is an extremely intelligent modified being of light but Guess what? We only use 7%-10% of our brains, negative people even less. Our brains have purposely been dumb'd down. Through mind control and brainwashing systems of fear, chaos and ego. Thats why when we are born, all we know is love and happiness, our pineal and pituitary glands are huge. Exploring, adventuring, and listening. All of the sudden society teaches us the opposite and as we grow our glands (third-eye shrinks). Decreasing our intellectual level, closing and limiting our minds. Distracting us from actually figuring out how to use a higher percentage of our brains. Television, news, media, propaganda, law, school, mainstream-music these are all negative distractions. Making us robotic consumers, implanting negative thoughts and creating and egocentric layer of consciousness. Once you understand and control your mind you can see what is influencing the manifestation of a negative thought, and u can feel negative vibrations. Don't be fooled and raise your vibrational frequency with love so u can start using a higher percentage of your brain. Namasté

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