Monday, September 22, 2014


A relatively quick search of the internet, or a stroll down the right isle of a bookstore, provided one can find such a thing today, would reveal that the majority of the population is missing out on some pretty interesting data. Some very accomplished doctors and researchers have been offering up some mind blowing theories. Increasing studies are pointing to the conclusion that there exists all around us a "Source Field". A universal consciousness, all knowing and ever present.

It turns out that at the smallest observable levels everything is made up of energy. Thats right, all matter is energy, vibrating at different rates resulting in solid, liquid, and gas. This is considered scientific fact. Ask any physicist. The entire universe from a grain of sand on a beach in the Caribbean, to a far off star in the furthest reaches of the galaxy, all made up of the same thing. ALL THE SAME!!. It is this beautiful notion that is the basis for the concept of source field.

We have been taught that when we learn something new, we create a neural pathway in the brain, and the information learned is stored there. However in the new school of thought the Information is not stored in the brain, but ever present in the field. Everything that has ever been or ever will be is there in the field. Those neural passages we create act like specialized antennas that " download" information from the field.

The idea of "downloading" from the field is rather appropriate. The field can be seen as an infinitely more advanced version of the internet. A universal web with all the knowlege one could hope to seek. Our brains a super computer capable of outperforming any machine imaginable. In fact one might think of the internet as man's primitive manifestation of this field. With that concept in mind, the future looks quite bright. Currently scientists are working on implantable chips that would allow humans to heal themselves from within, 3-d printers are already a reality, with the right training and focus of the brains hidden abilities, this technology may be unnecessary. The power of the mind may be all that is necessary to heal and create.

The ideas put forth in this article are not science fiction. If you find that your interests has been peeked, look into the work of David Wilcock, Greg Bradden, and Lynne McTaggart. Their research and dedication is exemplary. This article has been simply a modest attempt to summarize the volumes of scientific data they have put forward, advancing these ideas.

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