Monday, January 6, 2014

[VIDEO}: Producer Rico Love Talks The Evil Side Of Social Media: ‘I Saw A Girl Recording Usher’

With the rise of social media and popularity of gossip blogs, the things people will do for fame is at an all-time high. According to producer Rico Love, who released the EP Discrete Luxury last year, celebrity men can no longer close their eyes around a girl without the fear of being photographed and landing on their favorite blogs.

In a recent interview with The Feature Presentation, he dished that discretion has become a lost art and women just want to show off for other women.

It’s tough out here. We live in a social media world now and there is no such thing as discretion anymore. If I buy you a gift, and then tomorrow [you post a pic of the gift], saying ‘He bought me this’ that’s corny. Chill out. You telling too much. It’s too much information being given overall. Even if we both are single, and we are both dealing with each other, and me and you walk in the room and nobody knows but us, that’s sexy as hell and I think we’ve lost that. Discrepancy is a lost art. Now everyone wants to tell everything, and chicks want to show off for other chicks. Keep this between us.

The price of fame.

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