Sunday, January 19, 2014


Drake proved that he can do it all, hosting and performing on the first “Saturday Night Live” of 2014. The Canadian rapper brought the laughs while playing Alex Rodriguez, Katt Williams, and even Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel in several hilarious skits.

During his monologue, he poked fun of his Jewish and black background by reenacting his Bar Mitzvah, and made his teacher swoon with his poetry during detention.

For the first performance of the evening, he delivered a medley of “Started From the Bottom” and his latest song “Trophies” while bathed in red lights.

He returned to sing “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and brought out Jhené Aiko for “From Time.” “You need some of that Drake love,” Drizzy told her.

Watch highlights from the Drakeover below.

Drake speaks on recent scandals as Alex Rodriguez

Drake talks about growing up with a Jewish mother and Black father. It’s the Cliff Notes to his “HYFR” video and he apologizes for creating “YOLO.”

Drake reacts to Colorado marijuana legalization as Katt Williams

Drake plays a want-to-be fun hip father at daughters slumber party

I think the only other performer who did as a good as a job hosting and performing was Justin Timberlake. I was literally in tears throughout the entire show. Drake's acting skills are still on point and I’m not going to lie, that rendition of “Hold On We’re Going Home” sounded real good…ad libs and all. He's a triple threat.

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