Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[VIDEO]: Selita Ebanks Talks Break Up With Terrence J, Ex Fiancé Nick Cannon & Rumored Club Fight

Rocking minimal makeup and her hair in a cute messy bun, Selita Ebanks still put some chicks to shame early this morning when she stopped by The Breakfast Club Morning Show to kick it with Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy. While there, the stunning model promoted her new Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming show Celebrity Grounds, in which she’s also invested her own money. Of course, the crew got all up in her business to get the tea on her breakups with both Nick Cannon and Terrence J, as well as if the rumors were true that she beat up a chick in the club over Terrence J.

On growing up in a household with 7 brothers
I have seven brothers and I grew up in a household of snots and wedgies and nuggies and whole house of mess.[...]It’s funny, they beat me up a lot when I was a kid, but once I got to a certain age where I could hit back, then I started beating them up. Then I realized I was beating up my boyfriends.[...]I like to get physical. I like to wrestle.

On ending her relationship with Terrence J and her father’s advice
Everything has to take its course. He went to L.A. He’s got bigger and better things. E! News doing it big! Shout out to him.[...]It was just a lot of things. I had to focus more on my acting. He’s contracted to E! News. We just decided to do our own thing. A lot of times in relationships people tend to put the other person in front of them and they lose focus of what they need to do. I think a little bit of that was happening. Like I said, it’s allowed me to now be in this seat talking about Kickstarter.

I’m a very strong independent woman. My father, his greatest advice to me was to let a man be a man. That’s the hardest thing for me to do because I like to just get things done. Don’t tell me one thing and don’t do it. I’ma do it for you. Show me something. Educate me.

On if she beat up a girl over Terrence J in Miami
Ain’t nobody got beat up, relax. Bye Felicia.

On if it’s hard for her to find a man
I wouldn’t say it’s hard to find a man. It’s hard to find a man with some common sense.

The best gift she’s ever gotten from a boyfriend
I like diamonds.

Watch Selita with the crew and hear more about her new show Celebrity Grounds below:

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