Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[VIDEO]: Meet The Couple Behind The Adorable Bulls Halftime Show Proposal

Young love and old school romance ain’t dead!

The other night while all the sports heads were at home watching the Chicago Bulls go toe-to-toe with the Miami Heat, Bulls dancer Ariana Rosado got the biggest surprise of her life when her boyfriend of two years Shane Zackery proposed to her during halftime. But don’t get it twisted, this wasn’t just any old proposal, Shane really put a lot of thought and effort into making sure the proposal was one of the most creative ones to hit the Internet ever. Since Saturday, the proposal video has garnered almost 3 million views.

So how did Shane plan it all, and what was Ariana thinking while it was all happening?

The couple answered those questions and more during a recent sit-down with Huffington Post.

Catch the highlights:

Ariana on if she had any idea that it was a proposal that was happening:
No, no idea whatsoever. I was in complete shock and awe. I was completely surprised.[...]Initially as a dancer you’re told to continue to go no matter what happens in the music, so I’m thinking,’ Okay, the music’s messed up and the DJ put on the wrong song,’ until I realized everyone was breaking into new choreography. I was in such shock that I didn’t even hear the song after awhile until I actually sat down in the chair and paid attention to it. After that I heard the song and I kind of started understanding what was going on. I kept on asking, ‘Where’s Shane? Where’s Shane? Where’s my boyfriend?’ And I had no clue where he was so I started getting a little nervous. Maybe he backed out. Maybe it’s not really happening. Maybe it was a coincidence that it was playing. But it was a really cool opportunity for him to be able to do that.

Shane on how he made it all happen
It did take a little bit of planning. I did have help from some of the Luvabulls. Angelina to be exact was the main character in this of helping me get this process started and getting me in contact with the right people. From there it just took talking to her coach, talking to the manager of entertainment, making sure that we set everything up in the right way. Make sure this was something special for Ariana.

Shane on why he chose that particular game to propose
When the Bulls schedule came out, I saw that they played the Miami Heat. Being a LeBron James fan it was my birthday and I was like, ‘Wow, this would be a perfect day to make something special happen for Ariana.’ She had just made the Luvabulls team, it was my birthday, [and] Michael Jordan [and] the house he built…it was just a special opportunity for me to do something memorable for my fiance Ariana. Just make a special night for me and her on my birthday and things like that.

Shane on if he ever thought she would say ‘No’
Nah. I know she loves me very, very much and I love her just as much and I knew in my mind that she was going to say yes. Her saying no wasn’t even a possibility in my mind. A lot of my old roommates from college would joke and says ‘What if she says no with all these people in the stands? What would you do?’ I know my girlfriend. I know she’s not going to say no and what we have is special.

Ariana on how they met:
We met each other at school. We both went to St. Xavier University on the southside of Chicago. We met there our freshmen year and initially became friends. We both were business majors so we had a lot of classes together and we started studying together, seeing each other more. We stayed in the same dorm facility. We spent a lot of time together [and] initially became friends for about two and a half years before than ongoing third year decided to actually start dating, and now we’ve been dating for about two years. We graduated and now he’s working and I’m dancing.

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