Saturday, December 21, 2013


Target must not know ’bout Bey! She can get another you in a minute!

Now, we all know that Beyoncé used to love herself some Target but after the retailer vowed not to carry the queen’s latest album since she let iTunes sell it exclusively for a week, she decided to throw major shade yesterday by high-tailing it right on into Walmart!

Christmas came early for 700 Walmart shoppers in Tewksbury, Massachusetts as Beyoncé rolled in the store and announced she would be footing the first $50 of each shopper’s bill, which cost her about $37,500. She also strolled through the aisles, grabbed some gifts for Blue Ivy, kissed some babies and threw her own #1 album into the cart before checking out with a smile.

What makes all of this even funnier, is that despite Target’s decision to not carry her album in their stores, she’s selling the new LP in 7000 Starbucks across the country, and guess what?? Starbucks is located in most Targets! #BowDown

Attention Walmart shoppers: Beyoncé is in the building. Queen Bey made a surprise appearance at a Walmart store in Tewksbury, Mass., on Friday evening, to help spread some holiday cheer. She perused the aisles for copies of her new CD, which arrived on shelves just in time for Christmas, and gave 750 customers a $50 gift card, totaling $37,500.

“Hello Walmart shoppers. It’s Beyoncé!” she said over the loudspeaker. “I stopped by the store today because my record just arrived. I wanted to give everyone a little gift. For everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas from Beyoncé!”

She hugged babies and even bought some toys for her daughter Blue Ivy as shoppers snapped photos on their cell phones.

Following its U.S. first-week sales of 617,000, BEYONCÉ is expected to sell 260-280,000 copies in its second week and remain No. 1 on the charts. While retailers like Walmart and Best Buy are stocking the album, Target decided not to carry it after its exclusive iTunes release.

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