Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Music News]: Britney Spears' new album gets slammed by critics

Even though it's number one on iTunes, Britney Spears' new album is getting trashed by the critics.

But the pop star doesn't know how poorly received Britney Jean - which dropped December 2 - is.

'Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, and father, Jamie, won’t allow her to see any of the bad reviews,'

'Britney doesn’t even have access to the internet and lives in a bubble!' The insider added that her team is making the blonde think her album is getting glowing reviews. 'No-one wants to upset Britney,' the source added.

'If she were to read anything negative, it could send her into a bad tailspin and both Larry and Jamie know that can’t happen with her upcoming shows in Vegas about to launch.'

Britney has a residency at Planet Hollywood that is set to begin on December 27. New dates were added to her roster on Monday.

So how bad are the reviews?!

The Boston Globe declared, 'Nowhere does Britney Jean sound like Britney Spears.'

People's Chuck Arnold gave it two and a half stars out of four and said it doesn't build 'creative momentum' like her last album, 2011's Femme Fatale.

'Surprisingly it's the uptempo tracks - and not the slower stuff - that let Spears down,' he added.
ABC News music reviewer Allan Raible, who gave the album two stars, wrote: 'I can’t quite recommend Britney Jean.

'It’s a conflicted record with too many flaws to be considered even good on the whole, but it does show some promise.

'Britney Spears is still very much a pop confection, but those repeated lines in “Perfume” ultimately almost save the day.

For one fleeting moment, she had me smiling.'
The Chicago Tribune called it a 'skimpy 36 minute album,' which relies on T.I. and Spears' younger sister Jamie Lynn to 'lighten her workload.'

The album will land toward the top of the charts, however.

On Wednesday Billboard reported Britney Jean will move around 120,000 copies and could land in the number two spot.

Garth Brook's new box collection will probably land in the top spot.

Final numbers will come out on Sunday.

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