Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[VIDEO]: Eminem Talks Pop Stardom, Fame, & Overcoming Drug Addiction W/ Zane Lowe

in-depth conversation with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe continues. In Part 2 of 4, the hip-hop icon opens up about producing and his love for hip-hop.

“I love to watch what’s going on in the game, and keep my finger on the pulse,” says Em.

He also opens up about unintentionally becoming a pop star, and why he was surprised when his debut single “My Name Is” became a pop hit.

“That record was almost like my anti-pop song because it was like my hello to the world, but it was my fuck you to the world at the same time,” he explains. “So I never understood when all that started happening like, ‘Holy shit. How did that become a pop song?’”

Plus, he speaks about his love/hate relationship with fame and how he overcame his drug addiction.

“I’m definitely thankful,” says a now sober Em. “I know that I certainly could have taken another path.”

Watch below as Em spills the beans on the progress he's enduring:

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