Saturday, November 9, 2013

[SPORTS]: NBA: Here We Go Again… Is Dwight Howard Unhappy in Houston Already?

One thing that was constantly discussed in the media is how unhappy Dwight Howard was in LA. We all know he has a happy go lucky type of personality; he likes to make jokes and have fun. That’s the opposite of his former counterpart Kobe Bryant. Aside from the Houston Rockets having a young, dynamic team, Howard also chose them because he figured it was somewhere he could be himself. Well things might not be what they seem.

It’s still VERY early but the Rockets are having issues at the point guard position. Former standout Jeremy Lin has been downgraded to a sixth man and point guard Patrick Beverly isn’t doing much better.

This isn’t my source so I can’t confirm the validity of the information but Terez Owens claims to have the inside scoop:

Well this didn’t take very long. We’re hearing the Houston Rockets big man with the history of spreading his negativity like a cancer, is already unhappy with his team’s Point Guard situation after only six games. Here’s what the source says, :”Got this today – from a VERY credible source… He is being patient, but I can tell you he isn’t really happy with the Rockets PGs. Wouldn’t mind if Rockets look at other options.” Also we’re being told Jeremy Lin was getting yelled and screamed at by players and then by Assistants all the way to the locker room. You know someone will take the fall for Dwight’s unhappiness, just don’t know who yet.

Like I said before it’s still extremely early and definitely not time to panic, just time to try different things and work out the kinks.

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