Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[CELEB NEWS]: Kevin Hart gets brutally attacked by a group of women! Find Out Why!? (Shocking Photo!)

I know you thought you were about to have to take a flight to Los Angeles, right!? Well, no worries! to all of those who have been keeping track of Kevin Hart on his hit BET series “Husbands of Hollywood,” you’ll quickly learn that Hart has been pulling some pretty crazy stunts out of his hat! Today while on set the very funny comedian took to facebook to share an on-set photo of himself in vicious make-up where it appears as though he’s been roughed up to the max! Looks pretty gruesome doesn’t it?!

“I got my ass whooped in this scene today!!!! I keep the funny coming people…. I got some hilarious shit coming out!!! Stay tuned….. #AgroupOfWomenDidThisToMe” Kevin wrote!

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