Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[CELEB NEWS]: Def Jam Furious With Kim Kardashian Over What?

Kim Kardashian stars in her fiancĂ© Kanye West’s new video “Bound 2,” and upon its release, posted her own copy on her personal YouTube page. Music videos, especially that of a huge artist like Kanye, are big deals to record labels, with endorsement money and statistics and tons of other important factors playing a part in the specific placement of the visuals: typically the artist’s YouTube or VEVO page. Needless to say, Kanye’s label Def Jam was allegedly furious with Kim’s post.

“Whatever Kim or Kanye were thinking, it was a ridiculous decision made without consultation,” a source said. “Kanye is an artist signed to Def Jam and it is the label who makes decisions about where videos and songs are released, not Kanye — and most certainly not Kim. From what the label can gather, Kim totally acted on her own accord. Her decision has cost the label a serious amount of money — and in the process, made her revenue from advertising on her YouTube page.”

The video has since disappeared from Kim’s page, now replaced with a link to Ye’s VEVO page.

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