Saturday, November 23, 2013

[BAD NEWS]: Two New York Deli Owners Tried To Scam A Man Out His Lottery Winnings!!

Well, the story made it here so that shows that the two clerks’ plan didn’t work out. Store owner, Nabil Jaghab, along with his son, Karim allegedly tried to swindle a man out of a portion of his winning $1,000,000 lottery ticket.

It all began when a customer that did not speak English came in to determine whether or not he had won with with his ticket. He handed it to Karim Jaghad who scanned the ticket. According to local reports, after the scan, the screen read: “File claim: jackpot winner – please return original ticket to the customer along with a claim receipt.” However, he did not return the ticket or receipt to the man. He told the man that he won only $1,000 which he handed him in cash. The next day, the man returned to the store filled with doubt, and inquired about the ticket again. At that time, Karim offered to pay the man $10,000 so long as he did not involve the police. But, the man denied his request and called the police. Once authorities arrived, they concluded that both the father and son had planned to keep the ticket for themselves.

Police also said Jaghabs failed to comply with a policy requiring any prize of more than $600 or more to be redeemed at a New York State Lottery office, rather than in cash at the place of purchase.

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