Monday, October 14, 2013

[VIDEO]: WOMEN WHO DUMB THEMSELVES DOWN FOR A MAN: Would You Change Yourself For Love? Joy Bryant Says ‘Absolutely’

It’s not unusual to hear a woman, (or anyone for that matter) say “I want someone to love me for me! Someone who will not try to change me” but is it necessary to change in order to make a relationship work?

Actress Joy Bryant says, “Yes!”

She said:

“When I look back…you say that I didn’t attach myself to a guy but I did! If I really liked you, if I had to shave off who I was, a piece of who I was to make you feel better, I’d do it. Because I love you. You know what I mean? If I had to dumb myself down to make you feel better about who you are, I’d do it because I love you.

Once I became “cool to date,” that’s been my entire life until I met my husband. I’ve had awesome affairs and I’ve had relationships and stuff like that. Sometimes it wasn’t so crazy and sometimes it was crazy. If I detected that there was something about me that didn’t really fit the puzzle all the way or whatever, I’ll drop it.”

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