Saturday, October 26, 2013

[SPORTS]: NBA: Spurs Unveil New Camouflage Jerseys, What Do You Think?

The “boring” San Antonio Spurs have gotten a update to their traditional black jerseys. They unveiled a new military inspired camouflage uniform in honor of the servicemen and women of the Armed Forces. The Spurs will debut the new uniforms when they host the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

The military uniforms are part of the adidas and NBA Pride Uniform Collection, inspired by each team’s core identity, history and/or region. The new jerseys were displayed in a photoshoot with Danny and Kawhi Leonard.
“It’s a fatigue-type style, ” Green said. “They’re pretty nice.” Leonard on the other hand wasn’t so fond of them. ”Nah, they could have did a better job.”

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