Friday, October 4, 2013

Sinead O’Conner To Miley Cyrus: ‘Who The F-ck Is Advising You?’

Are people being too hard on Miley Cyrus?

It seems as though the former Disney Princess has been putting in extra work lately to shed her good-girl Hannah Montana image and prove that she’s the new Madonna, while giving the world plenty to talk about. There was the jaw-dropping MTV Video Music Awards performance, followed by the “Wrecking Ball” video (which featured Miley in the nude) and most recently, she rolled up blunts and showed off her lady parts in a photo shoot for Terry Richardson. [Some will argue that Madonna has done more extreme things in her career.]

Although her recent antics are amusing and entertaining to some, there is one celeb that is not thrilled, and that is Sinead O’Conner. After Miley told Rolling Stone that her latest video was “the most modern version” of Sinead’s iconic 90′s video “Nothing Compares To You,” Sinead came out of the woodwork and gave Miley a polite read about prostituting herself and allowing herself to be exploited by the music industry.

She said in an open letter :

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