Thursday, October 17, 2013

[CELEB NEWS]: Kim Kardashian Tormented By Critics After Posting ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Nasty’ Instagram Selfie

WTF! I find this photo to be HOTTTT! Leave it to the 'politically correct' people to try to bash something good.. 'Disgusting, Nasty' Tho??? I personally admire it.. fuck'em Kimmie Cakes!

Kim Kardashian looked like she was back to her bootylicious self when she posted an Instagram pic of her infamous booty on Instagram Wednesday night. Boyfriend Kanye West appreciated the gesture, Tweeting at Kim, “HEADING HOME NOW.” But her fans haven’t been so grateful for the snap, posting negative comments on the picture telling Kardashian that she’s “nasty,” “disgusting,” “nauseatingly huge,” and worst of all, a bad example for her daughter, North. Read below to see what the critics had to say...

Am I the only one who thinks this is disgusting?” user @thecityfox wrote on the pic, and they certainly weren’t alone in their thinking.

User @laurenwolfeee wrote that the picture was “So f*****g nasty. No wonder Kim and Kanye are good together, they are SO f*****g obsessed with themselves, and so unbelievably conceited. You disgust me @kimkardashian.”

User @Irenefchan criticized her post-baby bod, writing, “The bum is nauseatingly huge. As in Capital ‘H.’”

“This is nasty,” @loudlo wrote. “cover up!!”

Others were even more critical, arguing that as a new mom, Kardashian should be focused on her new baby, Nori, instead of posting selfies.

“You’re a mother, not a prostitute,” @radlaur wrote. “Chill with that.”

“Don’t you have a kid?” asked @mz_kristar. “Try taking pictures with your kid and show some pride.”

User @hollybarret27 sarcastically wrote, “setting a good example early for little North.”

And @kayzjay told the 32-year-old mom, “i think there should be a cut-off age where women can’t take selfies … leave it alone.”

What do you think: Is Kim simply proud of the hard work she’s done to regain her pre-baby body? Or has she crossed the line? I think NOT! Haters will be haters.. I can imagine big fat disgustingly eating a burger while behind a screen.. Fuck'em there's haters everywhere

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