Thursday, October 17, 2013


Guess who's back, people? Back again?

It's Eminem. Tell your friends!

Yes, the rapper who took some time off over the past couple years has returned in a very big way New Album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Holding down tracks like 'Berzerk' and 'Rap God'. This year seems to be ending well for the Em!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the Platinum albums holding artist!

He stopped by the ESPN broadcast booth a few weeks ago and gave one of television's more awkward interviews in years.

His most recent release "Rap God," a single that is generating controversy for what some deem to be offensive, homophobic lyrics.

He'll perform as the musical guest on the November 2nd edition of Saturday Night Live and he'll drop a new album ("The Marshall Mathers LP 2") on November 5th.

Like we said: Eminem is back. He's also turning 41 years old today! So send in your very best wishes to the artist and feel free to do the same for these other famous people that are also a year older on October 17

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