Sunday, September 22, 2013

[VIDEO]: Kat Stacks Talks Deportation, Being Pimped At 14, & More!!

Does anyone remember "WAT UP YAAA DIS BE KAAAT STAACKZ!!" Wild voice, Kat Stacks, infamous for her outlandish bird behavior, earned her popularity by exposing our favorite rapper’s dirt along with their telephone numbers. After causing media frenzies on Twitter and Worldstar, the world began to see Kat’s life unravel before a click of their fingertip. Videos of her getting beat up and rumors of her getting exploited while being drunk were all over websites, before the video vixen started to face deportation. Recently, Kat Stacks, did an interview that gave me a new perspective to her wild child antics. Instead of judging her for the obvious, I came to realize her actions were of a young girl SUPER lost. To see Kat Stack’s interview, click below.

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