Friday, September 20, 2013

[SPORTS NEWS]: BOXING: Say WHAT? Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Miss Jackson Is Really Miss Mayweather?? [PHOTOS]

Is this really possible? From the looks of it this is no joke or fake. According to reports, Shantel Jackson, aka Miss Jackson, the eye candy that has been in Floyd’s life the past couple years might already have his last name!! The on again, off again couple seemed to be off until recently leading up to his fight against Canelo Alvarez. Doesn’t surprise me at all that she popped back up just before a fight. The more intriguing thing however is this “name change petition” that was filed back in 2011! Did she literally just change her name to attract more attention? If they are not legally married then what other reason could it be? And why does Floyd still refer to her if a judge already granted the request to change the name back in 2011? Very odd in my opinion. Hit the jump to see the petition and some pics of Miss Jackson/Mayweather.

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