Friday, September 20, 2013

[SPORTS]: NBA: Divorce Drama: D-Wade And Psycho Siohvaughn’s Parenting Coordinator Chucks The Deuces

DWade and Siohvaughn’s Parenting Coordinator Quits

This has got to be the most hellish divorce drama ever. Between Dwade racking up $10 million in legal bills and Siohvaughn’s antics, we’re suprised the poor guy didn’t slit his wrists too.

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade‘s bitter six-year divorce saga is getting so poisoned that some of those assigned to maintaining the peace between the three-time NBA champ and his ex-wife are quitting!

Gossip Extra has learned that a court-appointed parenting coordinator whose job was to facilitate the shuttling of the kids between Wade and mom Siohvaughn Funches, and a shrink assigned to evaluating Funches’ mental state suddenly quit in disgust!

According to court filing in Miami-Dade County family court, parenting coordinator Howard Rosenberg resigned his $400-an-hour job this month.

In his letter to the judge, he listed his inability to work “effectively” with the lawyers involved in the case as the main reason.

He didn’t name the culprits, but I’m told Funches’ lawyers complained that Rosenberg personally communicated with the judge, bypassing them, and even attempted to change the children’s visitation schedule behind their backs.

So far, Rosenberg had made about $50,000 coordinating visitations and making sure both parents honor their time commitments with the children.

This dude quit a $400 an hour job after getting $50,000 in gwap. Psycho Siohvaughn must have been trying to put roots on him for him to walk away from that.

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