Saturday, September 7, 2013

SMH: Man Takes Unconscious Woman To Hotel And Has Forced Sex With Her For 9 Hours


Man Has Forced Sex With Woman For 9 Hours
It’s a shame how perverts take advantage of the weak. He needs to be buried underneath the jail.

Lloyd Phillips had told the woman he would take her to a pop concert at Wembley Stadium.

Instead, he plied her with a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, leaving her barely conscious.

The married 48-year-old then took her to a hotel, telling staff he needed a wheelchair for his ‘drunk and disabled girlfriend’.

CCTV images show him pushing his helpless victim through the building. Once inside the hotel room, he had forced sex her for nine hours – leaving her with horrific injuries.

A court heard how Phillips, who lived in a luxury £250,000 Southampton apartment with his wife, had picked the young woman up from her home in the city to travel to a concert given by The Saturdays band.

Once in the car he gave her a capsule and a can of ‘Crunk juce’ – an American, high-alcohol energy drink – to wash it down.

The capsule was later found to be the class C substance BZP, a stimulant that can trigger epileptic seizures and fits.

The drugs left the woman with little memory of the car journey to the hotel near Wembley Stadium.

They caused her to suffer seizures and she had no sense of her surroundings as Phillips pulled up at the hotel.

Aside from a brief memory of a clock that read ‘3.48’ and a feeling that she was ‘contorted’ the woman, who had regarded Phillips as a friend, had no memory of what happened, Harrow Crown Court heard.

She woke confused, with Phillips telling her they had engaged in a night of consensual sex, the jury was told.

On the way home, he told her he was glad she did not ‘feel weird’ about it, adding that some girls ‘might cry forced sex’.

PEOPLE ARE BEING FUCKED UP PEOPLE, THEN WONDER WHY THE WORLD IS SO FUCKED UP. Poor girl didn’t even know she was being violated. Sad.

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