Thursday, September 5, 2013

[CELEB NEWS]: Terrence Howard’s Ex Says He Choked And Punched Her… “When He Gets In A Certain Headspace, It’s Scary”

One woman saying you put them paws on them is bad enough, but now another ex boo thang has come forward…..where is Olivia Pope when you need her?

According to The NY Daily News

An ex-girlfriend who called the cops on Terrence Howard during a violent fight last year says she’s not surprised by his ex-wife’s new blockbuster claims of abuse.

Pennsylvania resident May Seng Yang says she first met the Oscar-nominated actor, who is now appearing in Lee Daniels’ No. 1 flick “The Butler,” when he was separated from his first wife and dining with his kids at a local pizzeria.

She says things quickly turned sexual, and they continued seeing each other even after his 2010 marriage to Michelle Ghent Howard. The 40-year-old brunette beauty shared email and text messages with the Daily News backing up her claim.

Michelle, 36, now has a restraining order against Terrence based on claims he “sucker punched” and choked her in a Costa Rica vacation home during a failed reconciliation in July.

The ex-wife filed new court paperwork last week claiming the “Hustle & Flow” actor physically abused her in Toronto and threatened a murder-suicide with an X-Acto blade just two weeks before their divorce was finalized on May 6 in Los Angeles.


Terrence has denied ever laying a finger on Michelle and said in his own court filing that her allegations are a vengeful attempt to “ruin” his career.

“I believe Michelle. I’ve seen the same behavior firsthand. He’s very likable, but when he gets in a certain headspace, it’s scary,” Yang told the News Tuesday.

“He didn’t have these tendencies when I first met him, but in the last five years, he’s progressed to dangerous behavior,” she said, explaining that he was devastated by his beloved mom’s 2008 cancer death and became “depressed” over the loss.

“He would say he wished he could just stop breathing,” she said.

Yang’s relationship with Terrence took a dark turn on May 6, 2012, when she dropped by his Pennsylvania house unannounced.

She said she ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911, but when cops arrived, Terrence claimed she was the aggressor and had a visible scratch on his face.

Yang denied scratching the actor but was taken into custody, she said.

Attempts to reach Terrence’s lawyers were not immediately successful.

It’s clear Terrence has issues. Hopefullly, he will seek the help he needs.

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