Sunday, September 1, 2013

[BREAKING NEWS]: Disturbing: 18-Year-Old Stabs Mother 79 Times In The Face + Says “You Will Pay” (VIDEO)

This is straight up HORRIFIC. 18-year-old Isabella Guzman brutally stabbed her mother Yun-Mi Hoy to death in the face a total of 79 times after sending her an e-mail a few days before saying “you will pay.”

The out-of-control Colorado teenager was said to have behavioral issues since she was 7, according to her step-father Ryan Hoy. Guzman’s mother felt threatened after receiving the scary e-mail and notified the police. However, it was too late.

Hoy told police that he heard his wife calling his name but when he tried to open the bathroom door, Guzman was holding it so he could not get through. When he finally entered, he saw his wife laying there covered in blood. The affidavit said, “He never heard Guzman say anything, and she didn’t speak to him as she exited the bathroom. Guzman was just staring straight ahead when she walked past him.”

SMH. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! Hearing stories like this makes me want to hug my mother.

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