Friday, August 16, 2013

[VIDEO INTRVW]: Tiara Thomas: ‘I Wasn’t Disloyal To Wale’

There’s always two or three sides to a story, and Tiara Thomas is ready to give her side.

Earlier this year, Wale released the single “Bad” featuring his artist & friend Tiara, but things became tense between the two after Tiara signed with Rico Love. Shortly afterward, Tiara was replaced on the remix of “Bad” with Rihanna, which overshadowed her version in the album tracklisting.

In an earlier interview with Hot 97, Wale said that Tiara met Rico through him and he felt betrayed when she went and signed with Rico, but Tiara tells a different story in an interview this week with Laura Stylez. She said she was never offered a deal from Wale to begin with.

She also explained how the two ended up releasing “Bad” together.

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