Saturday, August 10, 2013

[SPORTS]: NBA: Jeanie Buss Says Phil Jackson is Her Advisor & He Isn’t Done With Coaching Yet

Lakers executive Vice President Jeanie Buss sat for an interview with ESPN LA. She shared her opinion on the Dwight Howard situation and the importance of her deceased father, the great Dr. Jerry Buss. She also gave some insight about her fiance and former Lakers coach Phil Jackson who she feels still has the coaching bug in him.

Buss said that Jackson is involved in the Lakers organization insomuch as he is her most trusted adviser.
“Who am I going to turn to that I know doesn’t have an agenda?” Buss said of Jackson. “He wants the Lakers to do well, he wants Kobe [Bryant] to be successful, he wants Pau Gasol to be successful. Phil’s got a lot invested into this team because he knows it’s what’s going to make me happy.”

As for Jackson’s future, Buss said that he still has “that need where he’s got to coach something.”
“I don’t know how things are going to turn out,” Buss said. “I just don’t think he’s done contributing yet. I think he’s got a lot to give.”

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