Friday, July 5, 2013

[Video]: Kirk’s Jacuzzi Jumpoff Claps Back At Haters For Calling Her A Ho And Puts Lil Scrappy’s Reality Side-Chick On Blast

Kirk’s alleged mistress Alexis “Mary Jane” Miller recently stopped by The Big Tigger Show on V103 and talked about her dirty bird ways while in the hot tub with Kirk and she says it happened not too long ago…
“It was a month, a little over a month ago.”
When asked if she knew Kirk was married, Mary Jane admits she did knew but didn’t care!
“Of course I’m aware that Kirk is married.

“He did tell me that they were on a break. She gave him a pass. So I assumed they were separated. When a married man tells you ‘I’m on a break, my wife gave me a pass.’ That’s a pass to me. So it is what it is.”
Mary Jane was also asked if she knew Rasheeda was pregnant…
“Did the pregnancy part cross my mind? No, I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking about us being at the cabin having a good time. Him putting himself in a single position and I’m a single woman.

“He was in a single man’s position, so I treated him like a single man. Was I concerned and think about his wife at the time, no I wasn’t. That’s not my concern. I’m not married, he’s married. So before he even walked in the building, he should have known what’s up. He took the vows, I didn’t.”
“BBWLA” star Bambi Johnson, who also appeared on the show phoned in and put Mary Jane on blast…
“I want to apologize to the whole City of Atlanta for bringing this wh*re on the show, I want to apologize to Rasheeda because I would have never brought this type of trash around your husband…”
Mary Jane stopped Bambi dead in her synthetic tracks and exposed her shady relationship with struggle rapper Lil Scrappy…
“Who you kissing now? Let’s call Erica (Dixon) and tell her about you being around her man (Lil Scrappy). Let’s talk to Erica. Should we get Erica on the line? Since you’re on air talking about Atlanta, you bringing in a wh*re.”

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