Sunday, July 7, 2013

[Tech Talk]: 99% Of Androids Are At RISK of WHAT?!!

Just recently a security hole was found that could potentially affect as much as 99% of Android users. According to the researchers at Bluebox Labs a bug that has been around since Android 1.6 allows for third party sources to basically push malware into your device in the form of an app update. Hit the jump to find out more..

Although it would not be possible for this to occur through the Google Play Store it could be achieved through a third-party app store or bogus website. If a hacker can get you to installing it they have access to utilize any number of existing or new Android trojans. Bluebox has warned Google but it seems that not much is being done in regards to the issue. They are leaving it to device manufacturers to deal with so in the mean time be VERY careful as to what you update and install into your phone especially from third party places!!

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