Sunday, July 28, 2013

[Sports]: NFL: Giants Will Hill Says He Smoked Weed Cause Of What?

Giants safety Will Hill, was recently suspended for 4 games to start this season for violating the leagues drug policy. His positive test was a result of smoking marijuana, which he has admitted to. But it is his explanation that is somewhat odd. He said it was for medical use, but last time I checked Hill is not a doctor.

Hill, who is from East Orange, New Jersey, said smoking weed is the only way he can cope with the reality of the streets? Yes there is a question mark there on purpose. If that was a real excuse, then everyone would use that! Hill said “It’s from family member, everyone reaching their hand out thinking I’m an ATM, and people who think you owe them something. It was just a situation where I was visiting back to my hometown and a guy pulled a shotgun on me right then and wanted money. How do you deal with those situations? I really can’t so I dealt with it the best way I knew how. I been through so many stressful times growing up the way I grow up. Growing up, walking down the street and having people stick guns in your face, it’s stressful. You really don’t know how to deal with situations like that when you face them.”

Now I am not saying what Hill said is a lie, maybe he literally does think smoking weed can help him deal with the streets, but if he thinks people in the NFL offices are going to think that was a viable reason, he needs to smoke some more. Halfway through this season however, I assume this will not even be a story.

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