Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Tech Talk]: Instagram Puts Vine on Notice With Video On June 20

The possibilities surrounding Instagram implementing a Vine-like video feature has the tech world abuzz today, after TechCrunch reported the popular mobile app's parent, Facebook, would unveil the move on Thursday. For the marketing-minded, the development creates at least a couple of huge questions.

As digital video continues to gain momentum, will a steady stream of user-generated video become the impetus for Facebook implementing ads on Instagram? The online model is certainly proven with YouTube. And will Instagram videos kill Vine—just as it's gaining traction with brands?

If ads are in the offing for Instagram, said Dave Otten, CEO of LongTail Video, the video formats will be unique to the social marketplace while going "well beyond the typical pre-roll that you see today."

Instagram has more than 90 million users compared to 13 million for Vine, which is property of Facebook's chief social rival, Twitter. While the Facebook-versus-Twitter battle lines are being drawn, marketers don't believe Instagram videos will suck the life out of Vine.
"Both have their place within the social ecosystem," Otten said. In fact, it may depend on what a users preferred network is for video.

"In the short-term, there is a place for both video platforms and usage will be determined by the user's preferred network," said Amanda Peters, iCrossing social lead. "Those who favor Twitter may continue to use Vine because Vine videos show up in-stream in a user's Twitter feed. While people who spend more time on Facebook may be more likely to use Instagram video.

"Long-term, Instagram should be able to leverage its significantly larger install base for quick adoption of Instagram video and could ultimately surpass Vine," Peters added. "But a lot will depend on whether Instagram's video offering is unique and differentiating enough for users to care."

While Vine is hot at the moment, social video platforms like Viddy and Vyclone are also surely watching Instagram's moves closely.

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