Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[After 4 Yrs]: Still Celebrating The Life Of Michael Jackson (His Iconic Style & Playlist)

The greatest entertainer who ever lived. If anyone embodies the magnitude of such a title, it was Michael Jackson. The late singer was a global force, and although he’s no longer with us, his legacy is alive and well. On the music front, a laundry list of entertainers from Chris Brown to Bruno Mars pay homage to his flashy choreography and flashing lights of his video set. For the’ 80s babies, he was our first true introduction to music, and he completely revolutionized the music video for the MTV generation. Four years ago today, the entertainer was forever silenced. We all remember exactly where we were, the moment we learned that Michael Jackson has died. Now the day is commemorated with MJ dance parties, and it seems like our playlists are devoted to the King of Pop on June 25. Today we’re taking a look back at his iconic impact on fashion, from sparkly suits and Aviators, to his shiny glove and fedora. Michael’s impact on pop culture? Consider it alive and well. Celebrate MJ with our Spotify playlist of his most beloved B-sides, and a look at his signature style below.

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