Saturday, May 4, 2013

[NBA News]: Kobe Bryant is Fed Up and Devastated, Awh Really??! Pfft.

When Kobe Bryant married Vanessa without a prenup things between him and his parents took a left turn and haven’t been right since. It seems like money has been the centerpiece of the feud and it’s only getting worse.

Things erupted when Kobe’s mother Pamela Bryant took his old jerseys, varsity letters from high school, championship rings, trophies and other things to an auction house. Pamela claimed he gave them all to her and she was going to use the $450,000 advance to buy a house in Nevada. Kobe contacted the auction house and told them they were his things and she had no right to auction them.

Suzzy C.

Kobe also says he offered to buy his parents a house in Vegas for significantly less than a million dollars which outraged them. They wanted something bigger and more extravagant considering Kobe bought a multimillion dollar house for Vanessa’s mother Sofia Laine. Kobe refused to buy his parents something bigger and claims he’s stepped up over the years giving them millions of dollars.

It’s really sad how money can tear a family apart. Kobe took to his twitter account this morning to express how hurt he is.

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