Friday, May 31, 2013

[Hip Hop News]: Waka Flocka Gets Engaged

In the latest edition of Love & Hip Hop.…Congratulations are in order for ATL’s Waka Flocka Flame who is now engaged!

For his 27th birthday, which he is celebrating today, he and his new fiancĂ©e Tammy Rivera inked each other’s names on their ring fingers to show their permanent love for each other. On Instagram, Tammy wrote:

Happy birthday!!.. To my fiancĂ©… Lord knows we been through it all!.. An yet our souls still manage to find each other #GodOnlyKnows

Although Waka doesn’t have any biological kids of his own, Tammy has a daughter who he loves dearly. Last year Waka talked about family life with The Fader magazine and revealed that his new life could end up changing his raps.

I’ve got a little family now. It’s a secret. I have god kids. But I don’t have any of my own kids.[...]Being in a family kind of changes your lyrics though, because you’ve got the little ones listening to your stuff.

How mature and responsible of him. Congrats to them!

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