Thursday, April 25, 2013

[Video]: Brand New Comedy & Humor: 'The Coddett Project'

Created by comedian, writer and self-proclaimed smart ass, Kerry Coddett, The Coddett Project is a sketch comedy web series that pulls the chair out from under the world. Through a range of sketches, musical parodies, and hidden camera pranks, The Coddett Project challenges social conventions and exposes the truth--- 'We’re all full of it!!'

Whether it’s a controversial pop star, a dancing school marm, or a foul-mouthed cartoon, The Coddett Project’s bold and outrageous characters relate to society in their own way and have a unique perspective on life and the way it works.
"If Tracey Ullman and Dave Chappelle were to join forces and create one show, it would probably look like my new web series, The Coddett Project--a sketch comedy show that makes social commentary with a distinct point of view, through outrageous characters, cartoons, original music, and pranks.

Watch our stripper nun, Moronika, burn money in a music video parody, called Make It Ash.

Then, watch our cigarette smoking, cartoon character named Adele tell off the neighborhood bully. (A real prank call based on real life submissions.)

These are the first two episodes of the 5 segments that make up our show. More details on the additional segments can be found on our website, The Coddett Project.

Our press release was covered on the Wall Street Journal, and we hope that you find the Coddett Project interesting as well!"

Check out the Coddett Project below...

Be sure to follow the growing and expanding hilarity of theee  @CoddettProject

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