Thursday, September 13, 2012

[New Music]: Kanye West f/ R. Kelly – “To The World”

Middle finger to the sky, huh?!

It looks like all of the folks that were screaming ‘YOLO’ may have a new anthem.

With less than a week until its release date, G.O.O.D Music’s compilation album ‘Cruel Summer‘ has finally sprung a leak. The LP’s opening track made its way onto the web last night, and it is a collabo between Kanye West and R. Kelly. Chi-Town stand up!

Years ago, R. Kelly gave us a taste of what a collaboration from the two artists would sound like when he hopped on the remix of ‘Flashing Lights’, however this song is giving a similar vibe to The Throne’s track “Lift Off” featuring Beyonce. Instead of taking off to the moon, R. Kelly is encouraging folks to have an ‘I don’t give a f-ck’ attitude while flipping the bird to the world.

“Dueces minus one.
Middle finger to the sky tonight (ay, ay, ay)
The whole world is a couch.
B–ch, I’m Rick James tonight (I don’t give a f—)
Throw it up. Throw it up.
Cuz You can’t take it with you.
Funny how they wait til’ you’re gone just to miss you.
Tell the world. Tell the world.
That I’m on my Sinatra.
I’m doin it my way.
Let’s take it a notch up.”

Even though her name isn’t listed, Teyana Taylor makes an appearance towards the end of the song, while giving a husky reinterpretation of the chorus.

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