Sunday, August 5, 2012

[Video]: Tatyana Ali Takes Jabs At ‘Basketball Wives’ & Producer Shaunie O’Neal (LMAO)

Well, I guess we don’t have to wonder what Tatyana Ali thinks of Basketball Wives and some of these other shows that are popping up on VH1.

She’s part of a new spoof titled ‘It’s My Show: The Producer’ where she plays a producer named ‘Mona O’Neil’. (sounds familiar Mona Scott Young…Shaunie O’Neil…)

She introduces herself by trying to get her Louis Vuitton bag in the shot before saying:

I am Mona O’Neil. World Renowned reality show producer. It is my job to bring the excitement out of Bresha and Jameel. The hood if you will. Some people say Stereotypes. I say ‘Good Television’. When I’m done with them, they’ll have more cultural relevance than the Cosbys’.

The rest of the five minutes is spent poking fun at the role of the producer on these type of shows, which includes her marching around the set saying ‘Skin Is In. You got to show skin to win’, ‘I need this to be more ethnic, the network won’t buy this’ and ‘This is So Ratchet, So Hood. The hood is good’.

Check it out below.

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