Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After pulling out of her appearance at Sunday’s Summer Jam, Nicki Minaj phoned into Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 to address her absence. During the one-hour talk, Young Money’s First Lady explained what led to the decision, her reaction to Peter Rosenberg’s diss, and the lesson she learned from Lil Wayne, who made the executive decision to yank YMCMB from the lineup. She also fired back at Flex for belittling her album sales, reciting exact figures.

“When you disrespect Nicki Minaj, you’re disrespecting my fans,” said Nicki, who plans to make it up to her Barbz by playing a free show in New York City.

Listen to the full audio of their heated conversation below.

After her lengthy conversation with Funkmaster Flex on Monday evening, Nicki Minaj called into Hot 97 competitor Power 105 on Tuesday morning. She spoke with “The Breakfast Club’s” DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee about Summer Jam, her friendship with Foxy Brown, rumors that she was planning a funeral for Lil’ Kim onstage, and the free concert she’s organizing to make it up to her fans. Hear what Nicki had to say below.

On Peter Rosenberg’s remarks: “You should think about that before you attack the only woman on the bill. Something should have kicked in and said, ‘You know what, wow, this girl, I may not like one or two songs, but she is holding it down for every woman in hip-hop right now at this moment.’ If you don’t understand that, you’re freaking stupid.”

On the free concert she’s planning for her fans: “It’s still in the works, but it’s definitely gonna happen. This was actually Wayne’s suggestion. Wayne was like, ‘Yo, we can do our own show for the people. You don’t have to feel bad.’”

On her response to the critics: “Until you can respect me, I’m not even walking and sitting in that room. People were saying, well you should have still walked on that stage and showed them. I don’t have to show anyone shit.”

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