Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Video]: Will Smith Explains Why He Slapped Reporter On Dave Letterman

Last week, Will Smith almost went ‘West Philly’ on an attention seeking reporter after the guy attempted to get too close for comfort. Will was attending the Moscow premiere of ‘Men In Black 3′ when the reporter told him he was a huge fan before leaning in for a hug, followed by a kiss on the lips. Will quickly pulled away and back handed the man, light enough to not catch a charge, but effective enough to get his point across. After the incident, he was slammed by a few media outlets who labeled him as ‘homophobic’. (Even though, a week prior, he had expressed his support of Obama’s stance on Same-Sex Marriages.)

Last night, Will hit up Dave Letterman and was given the opportunity to explain what happened as well as his reaction:
I was in Moscow [and] we were doing an interview and [The journalist] says ‘Im your biggest fan, can I have a hug?’ So I go to give this joker a hug and he tries to like lean in to kiss me […] its just awkward Dave.
He also revealed that he received an apology afterward:
They were saying, ‘We’re sorry, that’s just his schtick’. And I said ‘Well that’s why his ass got schtuck.

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