Thursday, May 17, 2012

[Celeb News]: Jennifer Lopez Named #1 On ‘Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrities List

Jennifer Lopez more powerful than Justin Bieber? The ‘American Idol’ judge ranked #1 on the ‘Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Celebs in 2012 and Justin Bieber ranked #3! Do YOU agree with the rankings? Read on to find out who else is on the list.

Forbes magazine ranked Jennifer Lopez number one on the 2012 “Celebrity 100″ list.

The 42-year-old beat superstars Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber AND Oprah Winfrey. The magazine reports that the list is based on financial earnings from May 1, 2011, to May 1, 2012, and media exposure. J-Lo earned an estimated $52 million in the past year, according to the mag, and Justin Bieber earned $55 million.

Personally, I really don’t agree with this year’s rankings. I think that celebs like Justin, Lady Gaga, Oprah and even Kim Kardashian are more powerful than J-Lo. Justin has his own empire for crying out loud!

Here are the top 10 celebs on the “Celebrity 100″ list:

#1 Jennifer Lopez
#2 Oprah Winfrey
#3 Justin Bieber
#4 Rihanna
#5 Lady Gaga
#6 Britney Spears
#7 Kim Kardashian
#8 Katy Perry
#9 Tom Cruise
#10 Steven Spielberg

J.Lo dims everyone outt! Niceee

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